We want to welcome you to have a look at our sister company – power development Services.

Power Development Services (PDS) specialise in a wide variety of stand-by electricity and power generating equipment as well as solar solutions, servicing a vast range of market sectors including the: domestic, commercial, corporate, industrial, and mining industry.

The PDS Group was founded in 1994 and has since prospered from South Africa’s dynamic market growth.
The Group’s superior product range and professional team have positioned PDS as one of the market’s most reputable specialist in alternative power solutions.

Power Development Services



We have supplied generators from Africa to Australia and beyond. We have built a strong network of clients worldwide.


We are trusted by clients in many different industries, large and small because we provide a product that is of the highest quality.

tailor-made solutions

We pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients exactly what they need, specific to their requirements. We are not a one-size-fits-all business.

20+ years experience

We were formed in 2003 and have been running a successful operation ever since with a reliable team of experts in our workforce.

Years Experience
Generators Sold

Have you considered installing solar at your premises ?

We (PDS) have just recently finished a large solar installation at the new CFAO motors multi franchise dealership in Little Falls (BMW, Nissan and Toyota).

We installed a total of 600 KW of inverters, 1 MW/HR of batteries and 880 x 550 watt PV panels.

Major benefits are 100 % power uptime, reduced Eskom / City power billing, and massive reductions in generator diesel burn.